Dragonbone Rifle

Magic rifle made from the spine of a dragon.

weapon (ranged)

Aura moderate evocation; CL 9th; Weight 10 lbs.; Price 78,334 gp

This +2 Igniting bolt action Rifle is made from the bones of a great wyrm red dragon. The grips and but of the rifle are covered in the scales of the same dragon and the barrel is carved from the magically reinforced and shrunk spine of the dragon. The rifle is fed from a 5-round internal, nondetachable magazine. Reloading the rifle to capacity by hand is a move action. The rifle may be load to capacity as a swift action if a stripper clip is used. The rifle also has a lug for the attachment of a special +1 flaming socket bayonet made from one of the dragon’s teeth. (see below for detail on socket bayonets)

The user can speak one of two command words up to three times per day each. Speaking a command charges the rifle barrel with magic. Glowing red runes appear along the length of the barrel and shed light as a candle. The next time the trigger is pulled the energy is released in one of two ways depending on which command word that was spoken. The wielder may pull the trigger or make an attack, if the rifle is loaded, as part of speaking the command word and thus release the magic immediately.

If the first command word is spoken then the rifle produces a 15 ft cone of fire from the barrel. The cone deals 3d6 fire damage. Reflex save for half damage (DC 15). If the rifle was loaded, then the user also makes a normal attack against the first target directly in front of them.

If the second command word was spoken then the rifle Imbues one bullet currently loaded in the rifle with fiery energy. On the users next attack with the rifle, in addition to the normal damage, the bullet explodes on impact, releasing the stored energy. The target hit by the attack suffers an additional 4d6 fire damage. The explosion effects additional target as if it were a splash weapon. The splash damage dealt to nearby creatures is equal to half the fire damage the primary target suffer from the explosion.


Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Empower Spell, Flaming Sphere, Burning Hands; Cost 39,167 gp

Bayonet, Socket: A socket bayonet fits onto a lug mounted on the barrel of some modern firearms. It has the same statistics as a bayonet, but a firearm fitted with a bayonet lug can be fired while the bayonet is in place, albeit with a –2 penalty on attack rolls. Each bayonet is designed for a specific model of firearm.


Dragonbone Rifle

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