World Languages

These are the primary languages spoken throughout the world. There are some other languages, but they are so uncommon as to not be worth mentioning.

Common Human Languages
English – Primarily spoken in the Land of the Once Great and the Land of Ancient Kings, but variations and local dialects are spoken throughout the world.
French – Spoken middle of what was Europe.
Spanish – Spoken west of what was Europe.
Deutsch – Spoken east of what was Europe.
Mandarin – Spoken in the eastern areas of what was Asia.
Russian – Spoken through the north and west of what was Asia.
Hindi – Spoken in the southern areas of what was Asia.
Japanese – Spoken in the islands east of what was Asia and in some areas of what was east Asian.
Malay – Spoken most commonly on the islands north of what was Australia and some areas of what was south eastern Asain.
Brazese – Spoken in eastern parts of what South America
Castellano – Spoken in the western portions of what was South America
Espanol – Spoken in what was Central America.
Arabic – Spoken in the northern and eastern areas of what was Africa as well as what was the western Asia.
Portugaans – Spoken in the southern areas of what was Africa.
Congan – Spoken in the western areas of what was Africa.

Common Non-Human Languages
Dwarven – Spoken by Dwarves.
Elven – Spoken by Elves.
Gnome – Spoken by Gnomes.
Goblin – Spoken by Goblinoid races.
Halfling – Dialect of French, spoken by Halflings.
Orc – Dialect of Deutsch, spoken by Orcs and half-orcs.

Uncommon Non-Human Languages
Aboleth – Spoken by Aboleth and other deep sea (aquatic) aberrations.
Aquan – Spoken by aquatic and water-based creatures.
Auran – Spoken by flying creatures, air-based creatures.
Catfolk – Dialect of French, spoken by Catfolk.
Celestial – Spoken by Angels and other good outsiders.
Draconic – Spoken by dragons.
Giant – Giants, Cyclops and their kin.
Grippli – Dialect of Brazese, spoken by Grippli.
Ignan – Spoken by fire-based creature.
Infernal – Spoken by Demons, Devils and other evil outsiders.
Kitsune – Spoken by Kitsune.
Necril – Spoken by undead.
Sylvan – Spoken by Centaurs, fairies, plant creatures, unicorns.
Tengu – Spoken by Tengu.
Terran – Spoken by Earth-based creatures.
Treant – Spoken by Treants.
Vanaran – Dialect of Mandarin, spoken by Vanaran.

World Languages

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