Teamwork Benefits

Current Teamwork Benefits:

Teamwork Benefit Reference Leader Prerequisite Member Prerequisite Benefit
Friendly Fire Evasion DMG2 pg.191 Spellcraft 4 ranks, Evasion Base Ref. save +2, Spellcraft 1 Rank Team Members gain the Evasion class ability against spells cast by other Team Members.
Indirect Fire PHB2 pg.161 Base Attack Bonus +6, Feat: Precise Shot Spot: 3 ranks If one Team Member can see a foe with Cover, Concealment, or Invisibility, he/she can use a Move Action to signal to other Team Members the foe’s location. Against those Team Members, the foe only receives ½ the Cover bonus to AC and the Miss Chance is also halved.
Superior Flank (DMG2 p194) Sneak Attack +4d6 Base Attack Bonus +3 If two Team Members are flanking an enemy, all Team Members receive the benefits for flanking that enemy.
If at least two of the Team Members flanking an enemy have the Improved Uncanny Dodge class ability, add all the Rogue levels of Team Members flanking an enemy. If the total is (enemy’s HD + 4) or greater, then all Team Members flanking the enemy receive the benefit of flanking.

Ones to consider:

Teamwork Benefit Reference Leader Prerequisite Member Prerequisite Benefit
Crowded Charge (PH2 p159) Jump:8 ranks Jump:1 rank A Team Member may make a Charge action through other Team Members, though the charger must end in a square. Applies to mounted Team Members.
Invisibility Sweep (DMG2 p192) Feat: Blind-Fight If a Team Member ‘pin-points’ an Invisible creature, all Team Members within earshot are considered to have ‘pin-pointed’ it until it moves.
Typically methods for ‘pin-pointing’ are Listen checks, magic (such as See Invisible), making Touch Attacks into four adjacent hexes as one Standard Action, etc.

Teamwork Benefits

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